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Vernon Williams

Sales Director

With a twenty year career in fashion wholesale and retail sales, operational systems and business management, Williams was an integral part of the team that built 5 Hugo Boss franchise stores in Australia into a business which was successfully acquired by Hugo Boss AG in 2010. With a proven track record in growing profits through inspiring sales campaigns and lasting consumer engagement, Williams brings a recognized history of sales professionalism and strong customer relations to Snaploader.

As Director of Sales at Snaploader, I am looking to form relationships and partnerships with Media Agencies and brands that would like to increase consumer engagement in digital content.

Hugo Entrepreneur Ortega

Hugo Gaston Ortega

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO of Snaploader, Ortega is the chief technology architect behind Snaploader's proprietary & patent protected platform and manages the Snaploader team of Software Developers and Engineers. His role is strongly focused on optimizing the Image Recognition engine and inspiring greater UX/UI innovation. With expertise in Augmented Reality Ortega is instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence will deliver to Snaploader users globally.

Founder and Director of Snaploader, Ortega helps drive the company's strategic path and, in partnership with fellow Co-Founder, Eric Fink, he ensures Snaploader is tactically placed on the world stage.


Eric Fink

Chief Executive Officer

My career as an entrepreneur focused on successfully developing luxury brands within the fashion industry. Having identified an opportunity to create flagship stores for the Hugo Boss brand, I founded Tierri Enterprise in 1999. The venture encapsulated five locations across Australia and was successfully acquired by Hugo Boss AG in 2010. Later I was appointed by Hugo Boss AG as the Managing Director of Hugo Boss Australia. My interest in Image Recognition stems from a passion for enhancing consumer engagement with brands and creating memorable consumer experiences.

As Co Founder, Chief Executive Office of Snaploader, my aim is to drive the company's strategic path in partnership with fellow Co Founder Hugo Ortega ensuring that Snaploader is tactically placed on the world stage.



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Read what people say about us.
Hugo is passionate about everything he does and this is reflected in his business. He is one of the most qualified, if not THE most qualified, to speak with authority on the new wave of tablet computers hitting the market because he's been developing them and using them for years. His kindness and generosity with his time also makes Hugo a standout business man as well. He is always interested in developing relationships which are mutually beneficial and not always in the financial sense. Hugo is definitely one of the nice guys in the industry.
Stephen Fenech
Hugo is one of a kind. He is well-connected, contagious about the mobile pc space, and one of the hardest working folks in technology. He's passionate about mobility and showed in the writing and videos he produced for I can't recommend Hugo more.
Rob Bushway

We have worked with Stephen Wall now for over ten years and always found them to be more than helpful, reliable and honest. We would recommend his skills to anyone looking to enhance their brand

David Brummell
Hugo is one of those people who remind you of what is great about our industry. He has a sought after combination of qualities that include a deep technical understanding with a genuine excitement about what is possible and a commercial acumen that makes him as successful as he is.
Rick Anderson

The team at Only Augmented are professional, insightful and personal. They are consistently creating compelling design in a timely and unique manner. "Working together on a significant re-branding project has been simply a pleasure.

Rohan Dredge

Stephen goes beyond helpful and really did more than was asked to the benefit of our business. It was really lovely to find someone who actually cares and does what they say. We found the open communication and advise given fantastic.

Brittney Vangestel
Hugo is a driven individual who has ensures our individual and customer requirements are met at the highest standard. Our staff enjoy working with Hugo and his team as their product and technical knowledge surpasses typical industry standards.
Paul Gapes

Thanks to the personable nature of Stephen Wall and his willingness to provide ADDITIONAL service, we now enjoy a caliber of business design elements that we are excited to call our own!

David Orlando
As a journalist, it's rare to find a subject matter expert who is immediately available for comment and candid with the hard questions. Hugo's knowledge in the mobile computing space, and his reliability as a commentator made him a personal "go to" guy when I needed input for a story.
Matthew Sainsbury