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Posted on September 8, 2013 in Augmented Reality, Drones - 0

The element of being part of any community that I enjoy most is the people I meet. I know that may sound obvious, but for many being part of a community can mean many other things like the information attained, safety in numbers and more. For me the obvious benefit of joining the world of AR is the finding, and hanging-out with, like minded people.

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While exploring Augmented Reality globally one of the folks I met is Joseph Rampolla. He is is a law enforcement officer of 18 years and qualified to talk on such topics as cyber crime, augmented reality, virtual worlds, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying. Obviously with his background his focus lies in exploring the darker side of emerging technologies.  If you tune into his podcast you’ll also note a real passion on Drones and their use for good, and evil. On a recent trip back from Los Angeles I listened to 12 of the ARDirt Podcasts and am completely addicted. 


What I like about Joseph is his focus. not only is his passion clear, with regards to augmented reality, but his policeman background shines though in every episode too. The listeners truly feels like they get a glimpse into Rampolla’s brain and learns a lot about the criminal mind too.


Part of being knowledgeable about any given subject is getting to know the inner-circle of that industry. Joseph knows the inner circle and he seems to access them all on a regular basis. They trust him, open up to him and are as candid as humanly possible while being interviewed.

One of Joespeh’s mates is a First Amendment lawyer that has actually chosen augmented reality, and protecting the intellectual property of innovations therein. I like the fact that these two guys feature often together and with the legal strength that Brain Wassom brings and the law enforcement background from Joesph, the podcasts are definitely meaty, i.e. don’t lack any depth in subject detail. Co-presenter is Bobby Simpson – someone that knows how to let Joesph shine and add to his tidbits. Great bunch of folks to know and follow!

PS. In episode #26 I happen to feature! Yes, Hugo Ortega, in the episode! Too cool.