First Museum in Australia to Feature Augmented Reality Exhibition

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Many of my friends have shown interest in why I’m doing, but many also see what I’m doing as “geeky” and perhaps too complex or futuristic. The irony is that it’s all moving very fast and progressing into mainstream very quickly. In this post, I’m so excited to report that in my hometown (Sydney) the Australian Museum is implementing Augmented Reality as the first museum exhibition in Australia to feature AR.

  • Prior to 1842, dinosaur remains went unrecognised or were described as large lizards, dragons or giant humans!
  • The Argentinean Giganotosaurus replaced T. rex as the largest meat-eating dinosaur when its discovery was announced in 1995. 
  • The world’s smallest dinosaur was the Microraptor zhaoianus found in China – it measured just 40cm long! 
  • Recent fossil discoveries suggest some dinosaurs lived in co-operative packs, raised their young and were probably quite social. 

Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family provides a snapshot of dinosaur life and shows how this group became the world’s top predators with their massive skulls, powerful jaws and bone-crunching teeth. While the most famous member of this family was the mighty T. rex, tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes including Guanlong, the ‘crown dragon’, and the diminutive Dilong, the ‘emperor dragon’, with a skeleton just one metre long.


The exhibition features fossil specimens from China and North America never before seen in Australia, as well as stunning life-sized skeletons and models. Using cutting-edge technology, Tyrannosaurs is the first museum exhibition in Australia to feature augmented reality, and includes hands-on and multimedia experiences that will engage and excite children and adults alike.


To complement the exhibition, there will be a variety of events to suit visitors of all ages, from children’s activities such as museum sleepovers, torchlight tours and dinosaur-themed museum hunts through to a lecture series and an after-five program for adults. Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family at the Australian Museum from 23 November 2013.


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