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AR Brings Print to Life



QR codes are a target – simple. They are not the destination but a link to a destination which is defined by the composer. They’re not pretty and that’s probably one reason their adoption is so poor. Cast forward an along comes Augmented Reality and changes all that. How? With its visual detection capabilities there is less reason for an algorithmic based pattern to bring content to life. Augmented Reality is sexy, and is being used by print media to boast readership.

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Guiness World Records


guinness-book-vuforia-only-augmented-realityNew take with augmented reality

Longest cat in the world: Stewie, measuring 48.5 inches. Fastest time for a person to cram themselves into a box: 4.78 seconds. Largest collection of gnomes and pixies: 2,042, owned by a woman living in the U.K.  When dealing in the world of superlatives, striving for more comes naturally.  Guinness World Records® aims to inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Its mission is to entertain and inform, while celebrating the world’s best. Guinness World Records wanted a new “take” on its traditional print book offering, and they knew it would have to be special given declining revenues others were seeing in the publishing industry.

  • Client: Guinness Book
  • URL: 
  • Location: Global
  • Date: 2013
  • Tools: Vuforia
  • Time: Not specificied

Guinness World Records Marketing Director Stuart Claxton said, “We are all familiar with the book industry of late… it’s a strange no-man’s land, caught between the traditional and digital publishing worlds. Being a reference- and image-driven book, we wanted to bridge this traditional medium with digital assets. We always want to add to our campaigns – make them more eye-catching and remarkable for our readers.” In order to achieve this, they partnered with Appshaker, a digital creative agency, to develop Augmented Reality (AR)-enhanced visuals that were as compelling and exciting as the world they illustrated.


Devoted to building immersive experiences for global brands, Appshaker specializes in advanced technologies including large screen and mobile augmented reality.  They recognized that Guinness Worlds Records’ offering was a perfect fit for AR’s illustrative powers. Using the Vuforia™ AR platform, Appshaker designed a markerless app for iOS and Android to supplement the Guinness World Records 2013 book. “The most difficult thing was choosing what to augment, since Guinness World Records offers such a rich amount of content,” said Appshaker Founding Partner Alex Poulson.


Six AR features are included in the 2013 book, highlighting a variety of content. One of the most popular factoids in the book features the world’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, from Nepal. Standing 21.5 inches tall, Dangi pops out of the pages when a device loaded with the app is pointed at an extra feature layered behind his photo. Readers can actually have their picture taken with him and send it to friends and family, a feat never before accomplished in a hybrid print/digital publication.

Claxton commented, “We didn’t want to put something out that wasn’t the best there was, so we went with the best partners in the industry. What we liked the most in terms of the production and the creation of AR materials using the Vuforia platform was the realism and the interaction it offered us. The Guinness World Records book is sold in 100 countries and offered in 25 different languages, so our app needed to work across all languages, platforms, operating systems and territories. The true value of AR is that, while it looks like something out of science fiction, a boy of seven can still activate the app and create experiences. That is the magic of bringing the technology and the content together.”

The Guinness World Records-Appshaker collaboration continued with two live AR events designed to promote the launch of the new book. Built entirely in 3D, the Guinness World Records L.I.V.E. events were based on huge renderings of the AR experiences contained within the book. Hosted by the world’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen, the event offered guests a chance to experience the world’s largest dinosaur, the heaviest twins and the largest predatory fish via a giant screen with which they interacted.

“The events lifted the lid on something new and experiential, but they were also a way to highlight the AR in the book,” said Poulson. “The entertainment value of AR cannot be denied; once we showed people the book with the AR they were blown away. Also, we cannot underestimate the educational value of AR. We collect and aggregate records and facts from all over the world on every topic imaginable, and when you read the Guinness World Records book, you are learning about places, about numbers, of areas of interest that you wouldn’t normally come across. AR literally brought the pages to life and brought readers much closer to what a record breaking experience really looks like outside of the flat pages of a book.” In PR terms alone, the Guinness World Records book campaign was a remarkable succes

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BBC Frozen Planet


bbc-frozen-planet-augmented-realityAn immersive augmented reality event

Appshaker was commissioned by BBC Worldwide Americas to create an immersive event system to promote the launch of the Frozen Planet DVD across the United States of America.

  • Location: 3 Cities, USA
  • Date: April 2012
  • Tools: Appshaker AR
  • Time: 3 months

Appshaker created it’s finest Broadcast AR system to date, with users able to immerse themselves in some of the most incredible scenes from the series – custom built and rendered in 3D by Appshaker. The systems launched simultaneously in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco to huge audience numbers, with each event broadcast live online for added viral effect.


BBC Worldwide gained positive press and increased brand loyalty with thousands of mall goers interacting with the system. The system will now move to a larger tour to continue to spread the Frozen Planet word on a worldwide basis in 2012.


The three market tour ran from April 19 – April 22 in New Jersey, Illinois and California and was inspired by the television series Frozen Planet, co produced by BBC/Discovery Channel, which made its US television debut March 18th on Discovery reaching over 25 million viewers.

BBC Home Entertainment partnered with Appshaker Ltd for its first Augmented Reality Tour in the US, in support of the Blu-ray/DVD Frozen Planet that became available on April 17, 2012. With 4 distinctive broadcast quality 3D scenes, delighted crowds had the opportunity to place themselves right inside the content, where they were able to interact with the animals of the Polar Region. This event acted as an organic cross between an art installation and advertising. With live streaming from each event, family and friends were able to share their experience around the world.

  • Short Hills Mall, (New York audience), 1200 Morris Turnpike Short Hills, NJ
  • Woodfield Mall, (Chicago audience), 5 Woodfield Mall Schaumburg, IL
  • Sunvalley Mall, (San Francisco audience). 1 Sun Valley Mall #228 Concord, CA

For more information on Appshaker, please head to or visit us on Facebook at

Over the past two years, UK based Appshaker has created augmented reality systems on a variety of platforms for multinational brands such as Ford, General Electric, Guinness World Records, National Geographic and many more. Appshaker is a digital creative agency devoted to building the finest online experiences for brands across the world. Appshaker specialises in bleeding edge augmented reality systems, mobile and social media based applications to generate awareness, enhance brand experience, increase sales and entertain simultaneously.

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WWF & Coca-Cola


WWF-Coca-Cola-only-augmented-realityAn immersive 3D augmented reality experience

Coca-Cola and WWF in co-operation with Lexis Agency commissioned Appshaker to create an immersive 3D augmented reality experience to launch their Arctic Home campaign in London. Over a production period of over 3 months, Appshaker created one of the most life-like augmented reality experiences ever produced, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures and helping to promote a great cause.

  • Location: Museum, London
  • Date: January 2013
  • Tools: Appshaker AR
  • Time: 3 months

Appshaker’s AR system and the subsequent post event viral produced a surge in interest for the campaign. Users at the event were also able to have their snapshot taken when inside the 3D and share it via Facebook and email to increase awareness across social media.


Coca‑Cola and WWF have joined forces to launch Arctic Home, a new project focused on raising awareness and funds to help conserve the home of the polar bear and create a positive future for the Arctic. Launching on 17th January, Arctic Home will use WWF’s extensive scientific network and conservation expertise along with Coca‑Cola’s marketing experience and resources to bring the plight of the polar bear closer to home for millions of consumers.


The polar bear has been a long-standing icon across Coca‑Cola advertising for 90 years and represents family and togetherness for the brand, which is why the Coca‑Cola is pledging €3 million over the next three years towards helping to preserve their Arctic home. The funds raised will help in a variety of ways, including conservation planning for the Last Ice Area  – an area of over 1.4 million sq km in northern Greenland and northern Canada – a region bigger than France and Spain combined.

The integrated campaign will launch at an event held at the Science Museum, London on 17th January with a new TVC hitting screens from 2nd February. Further amplification around the campaign will also be seen across print advertising and the famous Piccadilly Circus sign, as well as digital elements including a dedicated website and social media activity.

The Arctic Home project will see the largest number of European markets ever come together to support such a large-scale campaign to raise awareness and funds for a common cause, with 16 markets launching in the coming weeks. To help further bring the Arctic closer to home for consumers, more than 300 million Coca‑Cola cans packs across Europe will also feature the image of a mother polar bear and her two cubs making their way across the Arctic.

Arctic Home forms part of a global partnership between Coca‑Cola and WWF, which focuses on working towards cutting the Company’s carbon emissions, water conservation and sustainable agriculture.. The project will also raise awareness of how the Arctic is being affected by climate change, with it currently warming twice as fast as the global average and sea ice is disappearing at a rate of about 11% each decade.  This shrinking sea ice is threatening the future of the polar bear.

Zoe Howorth, Marketing Director for Coca‑Cola GB said: “Polar bears have been a much-loved part of Coca‑Cola’s iconic advertising for over 90 years and because of our strong tie with them we want to help create a future for them and their Arctic home.  For the last few years, we’ve worked with WWF firstly through the Polar Bear Support Fund and more recently via the launch of Arctic Home in North America, to help conserve polar bears home in the Arctic.

We are really excited to be building on this partnership with the launch of the Arctic Home campaign here in the UK. We believe that by combining our two organisations’ strengths and resources with the support and involvement of the general public, we’ll be able to go beyond what we each could achieve on our own.”

David Nussbau, Chief Executive for WWF-UK said: “ Climate warming is causing a rapid melting of the sea ice on which polar bears and other Arctic species depend. It is predicted that the summer sea ice will virtually disappear within a generation. As the ice continues to melt, polar bears will increasingly struggle to hunt to keep themselves and their cubs alive over the summer months. The roll out of the Arctic Home campaign with Coca‑Cola in Europe is great news as it gives us a real opportunity to raise mass awareness about the threats to the Arctic and vital funds to help us tackle some of the challenges being faced. It’s only through working in partnership that sustainable change will take place: we believe that if we all act now, together we can protect the home of the Arctic polar bear.”

Coca‑Cola and WWF are calling for everyone to find out more, get involved or donate by visiting


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