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Earlier this year I attended the Augmented World Expo (previous known as Augmented Reality Event) in Santa Clara, California.  It assembled the biggest names to showcase the world’s best augmented experiences in all aspects of life from entertainment & brand engagement, to enterprise & industrial, urban & architecture, education, automotive, government, and commerce. I met folks from Metaio, Qualcomm’s Vuforia and even hung our with Orin Inbar - organizer of AWE.

  • 1100+ AR professionals found AWEsome products and partners 
  • 35 hours of AWE-Inspiring sessions by top industry innovators 
  • 100+ demos of “Augmented Humans in an Augmented World” 
  • 50+ Exhibitors showcasing AR experiences  

While the obvious focus at the event was on wearable computers, it was evidently clear that there was less conversation around what is Augmented Reality, and more conversation around “What do we do with it?” For me there is a very big distinction between the two, and represents a critical turning point for the AR as an accepted medium. AR is now an obvious medium to work with, we’re all just trying to understand how we’ll individually use it. I’ve introduced topics regarding AR in the Automotive Industry, AR in Print Media and even AR in Gaming but there is nothing like seeing it all for yourself. At AWE2013 one highlight for me was ARpool – developed by Queen’s University in Kingston (Canada), ARpool uses cameras (and Kinekt-like depth sensors) and software to calculate the best shot available, then projects the plan for that shot on to the pool table. The software works out entire strategies for games as well as planning individual moves. It’s been so successfully it was even featured by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson on The Gadget Show.

Augmented Pool Table


As you delve deeper into “what is AR” you’ll notice that its origins are not in gaming but in engineering. With the actual moniker (Augmented Reality) coined by Boeing employees under the Adaptive Neural Systems Research project – designed for aircraft technicians to see “virtual graphics” to help benefit aircraft maintenance, then you’ll see that its birthplace is far more pragmatic than how it’s seen today. Cast forward and Metaio of Germany has maintained that integrity with the release of the eKurzinfo App, an interactive Augmented Reality manual for the Audi A3. An exciting evolution for how AR first started.


For those of you interested in Developing Augmented Reality Applications, then Metaio is your man…business. They offer the most comprehensive SDK (Software Development Kit) which allows for flexible deployment and licensing of a stand-alone or cloud-based App. And if you’re happy to accept the Metaio watermark then the SDK is completely free of charge! A great way to start your own AR development. What’s mst exciting is if you don’t know what an SDK is then be sure to check out Metaio Creator and Junaio for immediate brainless AR deployment! It’s kind-of an “AR for dummies” Development Kit.


As we know, Oktober is a really good time to be in Munich. With the parallel occurrence of Oktoberfest the organizing committee of Metaio’s marketing Team must have decided it’s a great time to run an Augmented conference too! I’m in!

Some topics of interest at InsideAR 2013 include:


  • Speakers: IKEA, Audi, Intel, McDonalds, Vuzix & more
  • Seminars: Marketing, Tracking, Coding, Enterprise & more
  • Augmented City: Browsing Life Like the Web
  • The Future of AR and Wearable Computing
  • How Augmented Reality Impacts the Shopping Experience
  • Why Enterprise will Drive AR Adoption
  • Elevator Pitch: Your Company in 5 Minutes
  • How Augmented Reality and Print Bridge the Physical/Digital Divide
  • Metaio International Developer Contests
  • AR Guided Assembly & Maintenance Operations
  • AR for the Automotive Industry

I really hope to see you there, and look forward to catching up with new friends – and old! I sincerely believe that the Augmented Reality sector is growing so rapidly it’s only in these sort of meetings that one can truly ascertain the sheer velocity and magnitude of the events ahead!

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