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We love to chat about Augmented Reality solutions and hear your needs. We welcome Software Developers, consumers and businesses alike – anyone looking to sink their teeth into Augmented Reality can start here with confidence. Don’t forget to check out the OnlyAugmented blog!

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There are many complicated layers that make up Augmented Reality solutions. It’s a growing field that is moving quickly. At OnlyAugmented we keep up to speed on all Augmented Reality developments, so you don’t have to! For works of distinction don’t forget to check out the OnlyAugmented portfolio!

Learn Augmented

Whether you’re thinking of developing Augmented Solutions, or hiring a Software Developer, then you may want to be sure you’re getting what you need. Learning to code for Augmented Reality is complicated, but we help simplify the process with simple tutorials.A great place to start is our “tools for developing Augmented Reality” page!

Love Augmented

Personally, we believe that your first Augmented Reality experience is one to cherish. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or new to AR, we passionately welcome you and look forward to hearing your story. Contact Only Augmented with an App to review, an Augmented thought or a story to feature! We love Augmented!


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Hugo is passionate about everything he does and this is reflected in his business. He is one of the most qualified, if not THE most qualified, to speak with authority on the new wave of tablet computers hitting the market because he's been developing them and using them for years. His kindness and generosity with his time also makes Hugo a standout business man as well. He is always interested in developing relationships which are mutually beneficial and not always in the financial sense. Hugo is definitely one of the nice guys in the industry.
Stephen Fenech
Hugo is one of a kind. He is well-connected, contagious about the mobile pc space, and one of the hardest working folks in technology. He's passionate about mobility and showed in the writing and videos he produced for GottaBeMobile.com I can't recommend Hugo more.
Rob Bushway
Hugo is a driven individual who has ensures our individual and customer requirements are met at the highest standard. Our staff enjoy working with Hugo and his team as their product and technical knowledge surpasses typical industry standards.
Paul Gapes
Hugo is one of those people who remind you of what is great about our industry. He has a sought after combination of qualities that include a deep technical understanding with a genuine excitement about what is possible and a commercial acumen that makes him as successful as he is.
Rick Anderson
As a journalist, it's rare to find a subject matter expert who is immediately available for comment and candid with the hard questions. Hugo's knowledge in the mobile computing space, and his reliability as a commentator made him a personal "go to" guy when I needed input for a story.
Matthew Sainsbury
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Hugo Gaston Ortega is a technology enthusiast with extensive experience in Social Media, Public Speaking and has been awarded the title of Microsoft MVP consecutively since 2006. He has written for GottaBeMobile, MrMobilePC, UberTablet and is a published author with eBooks available on Amazon. Hugo is the COO Strategist of Tegatech and is currently working on his first Augmented Reality App ecosystem to be released in late 2013. With over 1million views of his online Tablet Videos Hugo plans to do even more with Augmented Reality.