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If you’ve landed on our homepage then you’re likely either interested in AR, exploring AR or have just found out about AR and are astonished that you haven’t come across it sooner. The “reality” is that AR is bigger than AR alone. Augmenting reality has almost become a thing of the past and now we’re travelling at the rate of knots towards a future of truly wearable computers and a world where occlusion and diminished reality will become the holy grail we all need to look for.

So if you’re a marketer looking to implement AR for the first time, you’ve likely missed the boat – especially if you find yourself in the hands of less caring developers. In our hands we’ll softly caress our code to solve your needs in a dynamic manner, allowing your vision to come to life correctly and effortless. Utilizing the power of AR we will edify its existence with a collaboration of tools, technologies and protocols to ensure we follow the development principles with which we founded our company: Striking Design, Astonishing Development, Seamless Deployment.

Our intention is to harness your idea and sprinkle it passionately with effervescence and banter of things to come! We’ll communicate with you openly, freely and crystallize your project so that when you take delivery of your app on the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store, you’ll be like “no more selfies for me” I’m in love with my app now!

Yes we’re a little nerdy, but that’s the way you like us! Yes we tend to stutter when we get excited, and giggle unceremoniously at all the wrong things, but we love what we do and we do what we love exceptionally well.

Your vision is our mission. Augmented Reality the delivery mechanism!


Only Augmented PTY LTD has simplified the process of preparing a client quotation for an Augmented Reality campaign. This document will allow you to follow the necessary steps needed to price up a campaign with confidence. Please note that each campaign will vary in pricing so this page should be used as a guide only, but any indicative pricing offers a great foundation for preparing estimates.

Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us.

Today several companies create interactive print using the power of AR – helping to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. As a good example, the Layar App has been downloaded over 33 million times, and the Layar Creator – a web-based, self-service interactive print creation tool introduced in 2012 – is used by over 55,000 publishers and editors.

AR adoption is increasing across media agencies as its impact on brand awareness as marketing campaign virality becomes clearer. Maxim and IKEA are two great examples of Augmented Reality edifying such campaigns.

The reason for such confidence in augmented reality derives not from major leaps in AR technology itself, but from a separate revolution: the adoption of the smartphone. With the increase in processing power, operating system intelligence, supplied in a smart phone form-factor, AR is the obvious missing layer to bring contextual content to life. Recent AR campaigns by Pepsi and Coca-Cola show that augmented reality is a technology that has already resulted in some of the marketing world’s most staggering and unprecedented engagement and return on investment.

Regrettably AR alone is not enough to guarantee marketing success. Media agencies looking to roll out a successful AR media campaign need to still adhere to marketing fundamentals: make the content engaging, be topical, give users an incentive and don’t forget that any campaign also needs promotion too.


1.   Select AR:

Augmented Reality Localized Matching:

Stand-alone, offline AR Apps that don’t require an active internet connection

  • UI/UX Design (1x briefing, 2x review sessions)
  • Localized matching
  • Optimized graphical 3-D rendering pipeline for AR
  • Analytics
  • White label skinning

(Single Operating System: iOS or Android or Windows)

(Dual Operating Systems: iOS and Android) + (Windows)

Augmented Reality Cloud Matching:

  • UI/UX Design (1x briefing, 2x review sessions)
  • Cloud matching* (requires hosting option below**)
  • Optimized graphical 3-D rendering pipeline for AR
  • Analytics
  • White label skinning

*The service is ideally suited for apps that use many targets, or dynamically required to update content without updating the app. Deliver real-time content and accelerate time to market.

Cloud-based apps are best for:

  • Publishers – Reveal additional content including video and other digital experiences.
  • Advertisers – Multi-campaign applications allow brands to reach consumers
  • Physical Infrastructure – AR enable locations in the real world

(Single Operating System: iOS or Android or Windows)

(Dual Operating System: iOS and Android) +  (Windows)

**Monthly hosting:

  • <1,000 recognitions/month
  • <10,000 recognitions/month
  • >10,000 recognitions/month

2. Select AR Upgrades:

Augmented Realty Upgrades:

  • AR facial tracking
  • Scan bar codes and QR codes
  • iBeacon integration (1x iBeacon included)
  • Geo-location based (GPS + compass) tracking
  • Edge based (AR on 3D objects) tracking
  • Google Glass enabled (Glass not included)

3. Select 3D Content:

 3D AR Enriched Model

  • This is for models EXCLUDING moving features.
  • It is primarily a 3D view of the exterior.
  • Does not include functionality, motion, or moving parts.

3D AR Advanced Model

  • This is for models INCLUDING moving features.
  • It is the exterior with other features like interior parts.
  • Can include functionality, motion, or moving parts.

Examples of “advanced” models which could bring up to 4 elements of functionality:

1)      Cars:

  • Touch the 3D model at the door, and it swings open.
  • Touch the inside, and you see a still image of the dashboard.
  • Touch the engine hood, and a still image of the engine appears with the specs (technology used, engine displacement, etc)
  • Touch the wheels, and performance specs appear (top speed, acceleration, max load, etc.)

2) Ladies’ Purse:

  • Touch the colour palette at the bottom, and see the purse in different colour schemes and finishes
  • Touch the clasp, and see the purse open so you can see how the interior is organized – pockets, dividers, etc.

3) Watch:

  • Touch a button and see the functionality on the dial
  • Select an item from the “Dial” palette and see the finish change on the dial
  • Select an item from the “Band selector” palette and see the type of wrist band change
  • Select an item from the “Band Finish” palette and see the finish of the wrist band change

4) Ladies’ makeup: (for example eye shadow)

  • Select an icon from the palette to choose your “type of woman” / Young teenager, urban successful, working mom, graceful mature; a 3D Head/shoulder avatar appears
  • Select a style from the guide to choose the style of eye shadow used on the avatar; at first a grey shade shows to indicate the style shape on the face
  • Select a colour from the palette, and the makeup is applied to the avatar face according to the style shape chosen above

4. Additional Services:

Only Augmented Content Management Services

Only Augmented offers back-end management web portal creation processes for dynamic content management. General overview includes:

  • Integrate various systems (ERP, CRM or other business systems) and streamline operations
  • Scale up your development capabilities and scale down with project based engagement
  • Leverage Agile – our highest priority is satisfy you early and iterate for refinements on a two week sprint cycle
  • Super-fast delivery – we use follow the sun based development with competent resources that work synergistically across time zones


Only Augmented offers free, basic support for any issues which can be answered in brief.

For advanced technical support for Only Augmented products, we offer per-incident support tailored to your specific support requirements.* When you purchase a per-incident support ticket, a member of the Only Augmented team will contact you to assist in resolving your incident.

How does Per-Incident Support work?

When you have decided to get tailored Only Augmented per-incident support, you will need to purchase a support ticket.

Immediately after purchasing a Per-Incident Support Ticket, you will be invited to fill a support form. The form will help us understand your issue/incident as well as ensure that such information is sent to the proper Only Augmented Support Team unit.

After you have submitted the per-incident form, you will be contacted by the Only Augmented support team within one (1) business day, during normal business hours.*

How much does Per-Incident Support cost?

A Per-Incident Support Ticket is a non-refundable one-time charge of $680 per incident and is valid for up-to 30 days. The Support Ticket is valid only for Only Augmented Products, and no support will be offered on third-party products or software.

*9:00 – 18:00 CET, from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

9:00 – 18:00 PST, from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.