Picking Up Where I Started

Posted on June 27, 2013 in Augmented Reality - 0

For many of you this will be your first interaction with me, so let’s start by saying “G’Day!”. Yes, I’m an Australian so you may recognize the use of certain words like, mate, cheers and dunny! The truth however is that I migrated here, like many folks, from shores faraway. My parents arrived from Argentina, where I was born and settled by the sea in Sydney. 

  • Ove million views on YouTube Channel
  • Over 14k likes on FaceBook
  • Founder of globally successful business
  • Augmented Reality enthusiast

As a computer technician I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and have been awarded the Most Valuable Professional title for consecutive years since 2006 (expertise: Windows Touch and Tablet PC). I’ve had six books published (see: Amazon) and for many years been invited to Speak at conferences like CeBIT Hannover Fairs, Microsoft TechED and more (see: LinkedIn Profile). My Augmented Reality passions stem from a stint in Munich, Germany and since being “exposed” life has never been the same!


I’m definitely passionate about teaching and love to assist those around me. With a running history of videos dedicated to Tablet computing my current YouTube Channel is devoted to building a knowledge base for global communities to pool from and learn from. 


Some of the videos are informative, while others are funny, but all promise a devotion normally not found within the information technology industry. It’s very awkward being in-front of the camera, but it’s something that works.

My full intention is to create videos for OnlyAugmented on our new YouTube Channel that will help dispel myths, clarify complexities and mostly have fun! If you wish to know more about me, or chat Augmented Reality, then I’m here for you. I promise to reply rapidly and always be as thorough as I can.

Regarding the title of this first post I want you to understand a little about me. I am slightly obsessive compulsive (if there is such a thing as “slightly”) and have taken 2-years to explore my next path in life. The reason it took so long is that I tend to devote EVERYTHING to what I do. Therefore I wanted to be sure I could express to you the full intention of what I do and how I do it. And in final – what I’ve decided is that Augmented Reality is it!