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AR Brings Print to Life

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QR codes are a target – simple. They are not the destination but a link to a destination which is defined by the composer. They’re not pretty and that’s probably one reason their adoption is so poor. Cast forward an along comes Augmented Reality and changes all that. How? With its visual detection capabilities there is less reason for an algorithmic based pattern to bring content to life. Augmented Reality is sexy, and is being used by print media to boast readership.

  • In September 2012, the Maxim cover alone received nearly half a million scans via the Maxim Motion app
  • Over 1M total scans in the October issue
  • Average of 10+ engagements per app download, indicating repeat views.
  • Total number of scans equalled 48.9% of the total number of printed magazines
  • Repeat views generally indicate word-of-mouth sharing, resulting in a widening of brand exposure beyond the initial consumer

The key to moving AR to the next level is taking it beyond novelties and gimmicks, says Daqri CEO Brian Mullins. But this is just the beginning. By decade’s end, we expect AR to be a multibillion dollar per year sector that will rapidly redefine almost all computer-human interaction. Before long, anything that has ever been on a screen will be available on wearable displays, with drastic implications across the global economy.


Given the power of Augmented Reality it’s no wonder that the diminishing sales of print media are look AR for a life-jacket. In comes Daqri, with the power of an Augmented Cover, to save the day. Maxim is a global men’s monthly magazine known for its provocative content and “Guys’ Ultimate Guide to the World” attitude, with a total circulation of 2M. Through our partnership with Quad/Graphics, DAQRI has powered 4D campaigns that bring to life every issue of Maxim since September 2012.

Maxim wanted to differentiate their offering from other magazines in their category and develop a direct mobile relationship with their readers. While Maxim had developed high quality brand content beyond the printed page, their biggest challenge was driving readers to experience content on a mobile device. They needed a solution that would enhance the quality of the brand experience, not distract from it.

DAQRI, in partnership with the Quad/Graphics Interactive Print Solutions division, created the Maxim Motion app to bring to life the Maxim cover in AR. Additional pages were imbued with AR content as well. The September 2012 Maxim cover featured Bar Refaeli (Follow: Instagram) and featured AR behind-the-scenes footage of her photo shoot that could be activated from within the app.

Instead of a barcode, ugly QR code or complicated instructions that would detract from the design of the cover, a simple and effective Call-to-Action asks readers, “Want Bar to Dance for You?” and directs them to download the free Maxim Motion app. Maxim Motion makes your issue more interactive and can be used to unlock exclusive magazine content, launch video and more.

Despite gloomy predictions around its demise, print has undergone a quiet revolution of late, with technologies including augmented reality, printed electronics and near-field communications injecting life into the much-loved medium.Technologies such as augmented reality, printed electronics and NFC (albeit without Apple at the moment) are paving the way for a new type of content consumption in the digital age – and by integrating the tangibility of print with the immediacy of digital, they are injecting new life into one of the oldest mediums, allowing print to become more interactive, engaging and useful.


Paper and print has always been at the forefront of learning and valuable experiences. While it may not be an obvious pairing, innovations in digital technology are starting to inspire publishers and brands who believe in the benefit of combining the two into an interactive yet tangible experience for consumers. The result is an exciting, almost limitless new era for print. 

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